Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As Serious as Drunken Man Noodles!

Yup, its getting serious. Real serious. I mean doesn't the year 2010 sound like a serious year?? I think any number with TWO ZEROES is a pretty darn serious number. Therefore, I need some pretty serious things to happen. No games, no playing around, no toying with the idea...I gotta move!

I am excited though because I've already begun some great programs

I begin my Hospitality Management program in January and I'm excited to make new connections there.

I am working with the Food Bank of New York City to teach cooking techniques and nutrition to inner city kids and their parents!

I am participating in a NYC Small Biz program called FastTrac NewVenture that helps launch new businesses *Coined an MBA on Speed*

These are the main things that are only beginning in January!! Wait till you see what February has in store!! The life of an entrepreneur is never idle...

Ahh, now back to the food. I found a winner!

I've recently stumbled upon a pretty darn awesome restaurant in Park Slope. It's a cute little Thai spot with such original and elegant decor called Born. I had a chance to speak with the Owner and she along with the entire staff is so sweet and funny. The whole place was created and decorated by a group of young artists and you can probably tell- the space just seems very original and artsy- probably more similar to something found in Williamsburg.

And the food...I really couldn't believe how great it was. The first time I was there I had the Basil Stirfy which was delicious. Then on the next occasion I had the Drunken Man Noodles and I nearly lost it. What did they put in it?!!! It was perfectly Spicy, Savory, Chewy with the Udon noodles (yes they used udon noodles!) Crunchy with the String Beans and Peppers...Honestly guys, I can't remember the last time I LOVED a restaurant entree to shreds. I think I cried after I ate it. I was happy.

I told the Owner I was coming by again this week to talk about their dessert menu (I think its lacking and perhaps I can do something about it!). I'm all of a sudden dreaming of this one Drunken Man...

293 Flatbush Ave. between Prospect & St. Marks.
Check it out when you're in the nabe!

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