Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over Easy...

Hello Everyone!

As I sit here in this Brooklyn Coffeeshop, backpack in tow, laptop, research papers and books scattered on my (too) little table, I felt my supporters needed a progress update on the DWG Project.

I must say this is the internship I never had, but always needed! I see now how an MBA could help any start-up business. Especially, when the budget is low you can't afford to pay professionals to do things for you. You have to know the nuts and bolts of starting a business by learning it for yourself! Def use professionals where you must but be sure you also have an understanding of what they are doing. Also, trust and admire the people you chose to be on your team!! That is very important!

I have encountered some delays in the building out of my catering kitchen but I am happy to say the ball is officially rolling (slowly and steadily but rolling nevertheless) and is anticipated to pick up speed further down the road. Among working on my business plan, doing marketing research and financial projections, working with contractors, visiting the DWG site, baking cakes, and catering events I'm one stretched out chick. But would I have it any other way? NOPE. Will it get done? YES. How so? Because I am determined to do so. It's not easy, but I'm thinking that its pressure that makes a diamond shine.

I want Dining With Grace to be a quality establishment, not a rush job. So if time and energy and patience is what it takes...I'm still willing to shake on it. And, oh yeah....MONEY!!!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. I am excited to be on this journey and I look forward to sharing it with you!

I am SOOOO over easy.


Grace O.

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