Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honey!!! I'm Home!! (Original Brooklyn Revisted)

Change has come to Brooklyn!! No, I’m not talking about Park Slope…or Red Hook…or Fort Greene…or DUMBO. No, change has come to (dare I say??) the Real Brooklyn. We’ve already seen what the aforementioned neighborhoods can do, giving fellow Brooklynites a taste of fine dining. It’s time to expand that hospitality! Dining With Grace Catering & Cafe is coming to Brownsville to introduce quality cuisine to the masses. Don't be shy :-)

Let's step correct about what Dining With Grace is about. What is it doing in Brooklyn? Specifically, what is it doing in Brownsville? Well, Ladies and Gents...I have a story to tell. As a Real Brooklyn native I know where the "in" Brooklyn restaurants are...they are in the New Brooklyn. But let's take a look back... let's see what would happen if we bring the new ideas, the new image, the new energy for the better life over to the Original Brooklyn and get it poppin' slowly and steadily. (Yes...I said "poppin'"!). Dining With Grace is coming to Brownsville to continue the upward trend of quality goods and services spreading to under- served areas.

Dining With Grace is excited to bring something fresh to this area of Brooklyn. We are here to take this community to a new level, bringing quality where quality is needed. Although our style is typically reserved for the "new Brooklyn" neighborhoods, Dining With Grace aims to not only be part of this neighborhood but to work with the community to create new opportunities in uplifting it. We believe change has to begin somewhere. It takes someone or something brave to challenge existing conditions in order to make it better. Isn't every new invention made to upgrade a former inhabitant of lower standard if not voidness?

What is it that we say? Brooklyn...WE GO HARD?!? Yeah, let's get it.

Grace O.


  1. What a great idea!! I wish I was there to see it! Congratulations on your new venture

  2. Thanks Charita!! I look forward to welcoming you when you visit NYC!