Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank God For You...My Friends

I took a minute out today to catch up with a friend over dinner and it felt so good. I was feeling a little stressed out after meeting with a Small Business Development Advisor (hey Miriam, thanks a million!!) and realizing my ultimate to-do list. But afterwards, having a leisurely conversation with my friend allowed me to briefly focus on other things, not to mention she's crazy Hilarious!!
Hey Ana!

So here's my Confession: I kinda miss my social life. Catching up with friends over dinner used to be ALL I did, lol. Ahh, and yoga...oh and movies...sigh. Nooo, don't fret guys I'm not complaining.

It's just that I realized with all that I'm trying to do I am almost cocooning myself, where only Dining With Grace and I exist. While I understand that that needs to be done in order to get tasks accomplished, I also realized I cannot lose touch with those who genuinely care about me and support me. What sense would it make if I get Dining With Grace up and running and there is no friends there to support? "Errr...Congrats but where have you been for the past year???" lol. That can't happen.

So friends, I know it's probably been a while but I want this to happen so bad. For me and for you (cheesy sounding, I know. But it's true...I want to make us proud.) But know that I still love you guys! Let's make a date!

I also want to thank my new friends and supporters in this venture. Those who have ordered my cakes, asked me to cater their special events, spoke to their friends or their networks about me, even those who have simply offered a word of encouragement or advice. Thank you, it means so much to this girl with a dream -Sorry, I really don't mean to be cheesy ;-)


Grace O.

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