Monday, September 7, 2009

On Your Mark...Get Set...OMG!!

Dining With Grace Catering & Cafe is opening FALL 2009!

It started from a dream and now the time has come...get ready for the launch of Dining With Grace- Catering & Cafe!! Get to know us...

What is Dining With Grace?
Dining With Grace (DWG) is a Brooklyn-based Catering Kitchen and Cafe servicing all who seek a touch of "gourmet" and flair in all their dining experiences. Whether it be at a celebration of a special occasion or just a quiet night out with your friends or family, Dining With Grace wants each experience of our guests to be memorable. Dining With Grace Café will open daily for breakfast and lunch offering freshly made innovative American fare. Twice a month we will feature DWG Dinner Party nights where an eclectic menu of local and global favorites will be featured with live entertainment.

Where is Dining With Grace located?

Located in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY- Dining With Grace is primely positioned directly next door to one of the largest banquet halls in Brooklyn.

What kind of events does Dining With Grace cater for?

DWG Catering is the provider of fine catering for dinners, parties, exposes, fashion shows, banquets and all of your special affairs. With the capacity to cater for an intimate dinner for 2, a dinner party for your friends and family in your home, a wedding reception, or a gala- we are always ready to make your event memorable.

The Dining With Grace customer loves a great dining experience. They dine with all their senses not simply to satisfy hunger. They expect a great meal not just quick food. They cannot be easily defined simply by their nationality, neighborhood, or others' expectations. Their exploration of world cuisine and cultures leads them to find favorites dishes all over the world. DWG Catering extends services to individuals, small businesses, and corporate accounts. Please contact us at to ask about setting up a Small Business/Corporate Catering account.

When is the Dining With Grace Grand Opening?

Fall 2009! Stay tuned! In the meantime, please support our PRE-ORDER CAKE SALE! Serving Brooklyn and NYC the most delicious quality cakes. From what I've been taste the love!

How can I get more information about Dining With Grace?

Check out our website at! Please be patient as we are currently updating it with new information. Please also feel free to email me at or call our office 347-933-0196.

Dining With Grace will also be distributing a Monthly Newsletter featuring upcoming events, restaurant news and updates, personal stories from the kitchen, contests, as well as our monthly Dinner Party dates. To be sure that you are on our mailing list please send your name and e-mail address to


  1. Dining with Grace is a fantastic catering service. Ms. Odogbili made a carrot cake for my 26th birthday on August 16, 2009. After one slice of her cake, all my pretty people and weight watching friends and family came back for seconds and thirds. The presentation, flavor and texture of the cake was great. You can see that she cares about her work;it definitely shows in her work and customer service. I would recommend her to anyone who enjoys quality and who loves a satisfying, not mediocre, treat.

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  3. Grace is a fabulous person inside and out and she has incorporated her fabulousity into her work. Therefore, if it is good food that you are looking for you are guaranteed to find it here. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose, but you will certainly experience a flavorful dining experience. I can vouch for that, I have tried it and I keep coming back. As a matter of fact she was tasked with creating a cake for my mother's birthday and she more than delivered (thank you Grace). The passion that goes into preparing makes it all worth it.

  4. Grace,

    As passionate as you are about the culinary arts and anything that you do, I know that -Dining with Grace- will be a success =)!


  5. Loved the banana bread and red velvet cake, yummy!!!! Looking forward to tasting the other items on the "Dining with Grace" menu!! =)