Thursday, November 5, 2009

Signs from Above

I've had quite possibly the craziest time of my life within the past month , especially the last 10 days.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how completely random its been.

But believe this, I wouldn't replace the experience for anything. I'm a WHOLE lot wiser than I was a few months ago and that's where I've won.

Ladies & Gents- the Dining With Grace Cafe opening is postponed until further notice.

So much work had been done-construction, market research, business plan, design implementation, neighborhood introductions, personal financing...and the list goes on. But sometimes God literally has to pull you away by your ear...and so He did. You see, things were going fast and I wasn't looking back. Things that may have been placed as signs, I looked at them as challenges and fought my way over and around them. God had to do something drastic, something I couldn't jump over or scurry around. ( I had prayed for this to happen if my ways were not aligned with His.) He made it plain that I needed to HALT! And so here I am halted, contemplative, and honestly a little relaxed (I feel cared for). I see how something so randomly placed to stop a situation from going from bad to worse could only have been orchestrated by the heavenlies. He totally threw a wrench in it.

So I am regrouping, back to my drawing board, knowing that when He closes a door he opens a window. I've learned so much about people, business, law, entrepreneurship, restaurants, designing and planning, marketing...the list goes on! How much wealthier will I be when I approach my next venture?? Very excited!! But for now...I will gladly...halt. This needs not be rushed. I was given a second chance and I will not be hasty or ignorant with it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Dining With Grace still offers Fine Catering and Cakes! Look out for our Holiday Specials, coming soon! Dining With Grace Cafe will continue to be a work in progress...stay tuned!


Grace O.

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